Sunday Education
My love for teaching was inspired by my fifth grade Sunday school teacher Mrs. Spangler.  She was passionate about teaching, engaging, committed to her students, and made learning fun.  I learned a lot from her religious pedagogy, and Life taught me more.  My passion comes from years of struggling to apply critical thought to all dogma, and a deep desire to serve individuals and groups who are marginalized, stigmatized, and otherwise oppressed.

Sunday Education combines my enthusiasm for teaching with the practical application of lessons learned over decades of experience in mental health and addiction recovery services. I use my experiences as an administrator, clinician and consumer to link real-world examples with concepts and best practices. 

I offer high quality training and education to community based organizations and businesses. Presentations are tailored to the needs of the audience, whether new to the job or experienced. Follow up and evaluation ensure that goals and objectives are met and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sunday Education ®   , Los Angeles, CA  90004