Service Descriptions & Fees
At Sunday Education, I take care to provide high quality education uniquely tailored to each audience. The definitions below are meant to  provide you with a structure based on time, number of participants, and learning activities.  All services are flexible and ultimately designed as requested.

In-Service Training is generally limited to one hour or 90 minutes.  This training combines lecture and discussion.  The number of participants is not limited.  

Seminars are generally 2-4 hours, combine lecture and discussion with handouts.  The number of participants is not limited and is generally for larger audiences. 

Workshops are typically full day sessions designed to get participants fully involved in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities & exercises, opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.  Participation is generally limited to 25 individuals.  

Series are designed to offer education and training over a number of weeks, but for a shorter amount of time.  A series can be an 9 hour course that is broken into 1 1/2 hours a week for six weeks.  

An initial consultation is free of charge; all subsequent fees can be negotiated

Feel free to call me at 323-810-4465
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